Rob Davies

Composer and Arranger

Rob Davies has collaborated with Surrey Brass on numerous occasions, contributing major works to the brass ensemble repertoire.


"Concorde" by Rob Davies was written afloat, while he was playing in a cruise liner band travelling around some exotic locations! Rob says "I try to create music that is a pleasure for both the audience and the performer" and on a previous collaboration with Surrey Brass he wrote music to accompany silent films made in Walton on Thames in 1905 by pioneering cinematographer Cecil Hepworth.

Rob continues “Being a brass player myself I know the kind of music that works well and is a thrill to play; loud, fast and very high!!! The idea behind the music first came from Surrey Brass founder John Goodwin in the form of a six section story describing a journey of the fantastic aircraft. These were entitled; Hangar at 3am., Departure Lounge, Afterburner, Mach 2, Droop Snoot, and the Arrival. 

I wrote the music to try and represent these ideas and the sounds that John had envisaged and coupled these with a style of music that will hopefully achieve great energy and momentum. Surrey Brass is a great collection of talented individuals and together they will take every single note and give the music life. I hope the audience can identify the six different sections within the music, and enjoy the overall effect as much as I did writing it!”

Silent Film Music

Rob has also collaborated with Surrey Brass on their series of concerts to commemorate the work of pioneering cinematographer Cecil Hepworth.

Loud Music for Silent Films was one of these projects, notable for Rob's work to write music for one of the first stop-motion animated films ever made - "Oh'Phelia" by Rob Davies

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 Composer Rob Davies wrote “Concorde” whilst afloat playing on a cruise liner travelling around several exotic locations. Rob has written music for many genres including span classical, film, TV themes, and even video games. On a previous collaboration with Surrey Brass he wrote music to accompany silent films made in Walton on Thames by pioneering cinematographer Cecil Hepworth in 1910. With support from the RC Sherriff Trust, “Concorde” was commissioned by Surrey Brass to realise an original idea by its founder. The first performance was conducted by Tom Hammond on 4th May 2007 in the Wellington Hangar, BrooklandsMuseum , Weybridge. The Brooklands Motorsport and Aviation Museum is the home of Concorde G-BBDG “Delta Golf”, the first production Concorde built inBritain.